Saturday, December 24, 2011

Assault Rifle

High Poly Assault Rifle made in Maya, hope you like it......
Concept By: Jimsvanberg
Renders Inspired by: Ilya Nedyal (this guy is my inspiration too)


  1. Hi Gaurav !

    I saw this work yesterday on eat3D forum, and I have to say it's amazing... I'm a beginner to Maya and 3D in general, but ill jusk ask you one question : did you use a ref image of a GOW rifle in Maya or did you simply try to make it look like by assembling shapes ? And how could you make all the curves ??

    Thanks a lot for your answer, and i hope we'll see the texture soon. Keep it up !

    1. Hey thanks Jib...
      Sorry for a late reply, i didn't get any comment notification :P
      I used a concept art as a reference and other details from a few different guns @google images.

      Sorry didn't understand your question....what curves are you talking about?